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  • 25 Helpful iPhone Apps for New College Students

    If you’re going back to school, it may feel as though you’re jumping into deep water without a life raft. However, an iPhone can mitigate some of those fears with useful apps that help you learn and manage your time more efficiently. Plus, some of our 25 helpful iPhone apps for new college students are…

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  • 40 Fantastic Forums for Surviving Your Freshman Year

    Leaving home and going to college is an exciting transition. However, it can also be a little scary. Whether you plan to stop at an associate degree, or go on to finish your bachelor’s, the right start is important. With a little help from technology, surviving your freshman year will be a breeze. There are…

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  • Study Buddy: Top 50 Blog Posts on Learning How to Study Effectively

    From elementary school to post-secondary education, studying is an important part of learning. It’s an art form with variations and tactics. However, knowing how to study effectively takes organization and strategy and unless you were taught how to do so, you might need some assistance. Study Tips for Elementary Students Grade school is where it…

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  • Finding the Right College and Degree

    It’s the age-old question that people have been asking themselves for years: what do I want to do with my life? How do I go about finding the right college and degree so I get a good job? Finding the right college and degree is no small feat, and the process has to begin with…

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  • How Common Is Distance Learning?

    Some people think that online degrees are not the real deal. If you’re in the skeptic’s corner, getting your degree online is almost the same as going to class. Students learn the same material and take the same tests as their campus-going colleagues. Many four-year universities now offer online classes, and every year more and more…

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