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  • Online Student Writing Skills

    This week I facilitated a faculty workshop on “Evaluating Student Writing” which teaches online faculty how to more effectively grade online student writing and how to help online students improve their overall writing skills. This gave me the idea to write a blog posting on how important it is for online students to have and…

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  • Holidays/Vacations and Online Classes?

    Most students work on online degrees and classes due to the great flexibility of not having to go to a set class at a set time and place. But, what about on holidays and when a student wants to take a vacation and or on holiday break(s)? Many online institutions and even individual online faculty…

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  • Online Teamwork?

    Many online colleges and universities require their online students to work in some type or form of online team during their classes to complete an assignment or course project. Many accreditation agencies require this of online institutions. In some of my classes, usually upper level undergraduate and graduate level, I do require my students to…

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  • Future Trends: Online High School Classes?

    Idaho recently became the very first state to require high school students to take at least two online credits to graduate: Do you think this will soon become a requirement of more states and high schools in the USA? More and more high schools and even K-12 systems in general are looking at this…

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  • Online Classes and Learning Style?

    Do you know what your learning style is? Knowing how you learn and what your individual learning style is can be very beneficial to you as an online learner. There are three basic learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Most online education, classes, and learning favors the visual learning style, but many instructors and classes…

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