Some people think that online degrees are not the real deal. If you’re in the skeptic’s corner, getting your degree online is almost the same as going to class. Students learn the same material and take the same tests as their campus-going colleagues. Many four-year universities now offer online classes, and every year more and more jump on the bandwagon.

Why Online Learning is on the Rise

  • Saves Time: Students are more strapped for time than they used to be. Between juggling careers, family, and a social life, squeezing in time to drive back and forth to class is often difficult. With distance learning, you make your own schedule and go to class when it’s convenient for you. In fact, you can often get your degree in less time by going online.  Fast-track programs offer degrees in less time and students can attend classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • Saves Money: High gas prices and increased tuition fees have Many schools have seen their online enrollment jump by percentages in the double digits within the last year, and many are blaming (or, rather, thanking) high gas prices and a tuition spike for this. If you add in tutoring and workshops to this, it gets even worse.  With gas prices and tuition creeping up, most schools expect their online enrollment to keep gaining strength.

So, are you still left wondering just how common distance learning is?  If you are, then know this: distance learning is growing by leaps and bounds every semester. More and more people are discovering just how convenient it is to go online. Is it easier? No way. But, it saves you time and money, and these are some pretty big perks, especially in today’s economy.