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  • Critical Thinking Skills for Online Students

    One of the main skills needed to be a successful online student is critical thinking skills. You may ask yourself, what exactly are critical thinking skills and how can I improve my own critical thinking skills? You can’t improve your overall critical thinking skills over night, but once you are going to school online, you…

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  • Top 5 Grammar Mistakes Online College Students Often Make:

    This week for one of the online colleges that I teach for I am facilitating a student workshop on grammar and thought that I would write a blog post on this topic by stating the Top 5 grammar mistakes I see online colleges often making. 1. A lot!- Always remember that words like “a lot”…

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  • Top 10 Netiquette Rules in Online Education (Part Two: 6-10)

    6. Basic Spelling and Grammar- Online students should always remember no one can physically see them and that everything you write and post creates your online reputation. Bad spelling and grammar accounts for poor netiquette so please remember to always check for any spelling and grammar errors. It is always good to make your discussion…

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  • Top 10 Netiquette Rules in Online Education (Part One:1-5)

    Please note that this is part one of a two part blog post on online netiquette. Have you ever heard of the term netiquette? It is a newer term used to describe proper etiquette to communicate online which directly applies and relates to online education and classes. Many online institutions have set netiquette rules and…

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  • What is APA Format?

    The previous blog post discussed How to Avoid Plagiarism. By using APA format you can avoid any plagiarism. This blog post will discuss and focus on what APA format exactly is and will give you some great resources to use to master APA format. APA format is the official style used by the American Psychological Association. This…

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