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  • How to Avoid Plagiarism

    It seems that at least once a week I have to confront and turn in at least one online student for committing plagiarism. A recent survey has found that college plagiarism might be at an all time high due to the digital revolution:  A 55% increase over the past 10 years in plagiarism has…

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  • Disaster Preparation for Online Students

    With the recent East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene, online students should be reminded to always ask themselves if they are really prepared if their internet or power ever went out.   Here are some things online students should always think about and or do to always be prepared before and after any disaster or…

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  • Top 10 Reasons Why I Teach Online

    Most online institutions will try almost anything to try and get you to attend. This is why it is so important for you to do your research and take your time in deciding what online institution you end up attending. Students often do not research the online faculty that teaches at a particular online institution….

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  • Top 10 Mistakes Online Students Make

    What kinds of mistakes do online college students usually make? In my three years of experience teaching online I have found online students to make these top 10 mistakes: Online Student Mistake #1: Using Texting Language More and more students are texting today to communicate, but LOL, Gr8, L8er, etc. have no place in online…

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  • Brian Steinberg To Blog For Associate Degree!

    Starting this week, our blog will see some positive new changes! In order to bring our prospective students better insight and information about obtaining an online degree, we’re pleased to announce that Brian C. Steinberg, an experienced online faculty member (and student!) has joined our team to blog for Associate Degree! Brian has over…

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