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  • Online Classes from your Cell/Smart Phone?

    For one of the online institutions that I teach for, I just downloaded a new application that allows me to access the classes I teach on my android cell/smart phone. This is a newer trend that seems to be catching on at many online institutions for faculty and students to access their online classes. There…

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  • Using Facebook in Online Classes

    Using Facebook in online classes is a very controversial and debatable topic. Should you friend other online students in your online classes? What about your online instructor? There are many sensitivity and confidential issues that could be at play here. Here is a good article that further addresses this issue: Some students might wrongly…

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  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Online Students

    This week for one of the online colleges that I teach for, I am facilitating an online student workshop on how to use and master Microsoft PowerPoint. In many online classes, students are required to make online presentations either live to the instructor and rest of the class, via recording, or just attaching a set…

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  • To Emoticon or Not?

    In my previous blog post on the “Top 10 Netiquette Rules in Online Education,” #8 was “Don’t Abuse Emoticons.” It is clear in online courses that one should never use emoticons in an academic paper, but what about in the discussions? As an online professor, I do allow emoticons in the discussions just as long…

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  • Using Twitter in Online Courses

    By: Melissa Miller Not all online faculty are as tech savvy as the online students they often teach. That is no excuse for you as an online student not to use your tech savvy skills in your online course to learn and connect with your fellow online classmates. Some online faculty, including myself, like to…

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