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  • Online Degree Myths

    Online schools are relatively new to education so it’s important to know all the facts before pursuing your degree. If you’re interested in an online school, take a few minutes to read about what’s true and what’s not in order to make an informed decision about your education. We’re here to set the story straight…

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  • What Are Online Accrediting Agencies?

    Surf around any online learning website and you’ll read the same thing over and over again: “go to an accredited school”, “don’t waste your money on schools that aren’t accredited”, and so on. But, what are online accrediting agencies, and why are they so important? What happens if you go to a school that isn’t accredited?…

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  • What Is a Diploma Mill?

    If you’ve read our post about Online Degree Myths, then you’ve heard of diploma mills. If you haven’t, then you might be wondering, “What is a diploma mill?  Sounds like a factory that churns out degrees, but surely that can’t be right…” Well, actually, that is right. Diploma mills are shady organizations that churn out…

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  • Online Degrees Becoming More Popular

    Online degrees are becoming a popular choice for many students. There are many reasons for the dramatic increase in online education. The time and cost-saving advantages distance learning provides, it’s no wonder why more students look to online schools as a way to advance their careers. Keep reading to find out more about why going…

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  • Tips for Online Schools

    Deciding whether or not to go back to school is a big decision. Deciding what school to attend is an even bigger one. Online schools are increasingly in popularity, and students now have endless options when it comes their education. If you’re interested in the idea of learning at home, then read on to discover…

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