When you stop and think about it, sales drive our economy. As consumers, we buy stuff every day.  From groceries to clothes to televisions, we’re a nation of shoppers.  If you have ever been interested in why people buy the things they do, and how to get them to buy what you have to sell, then a sales associate degree might be for you.

The great thing about getting a sales associate degree is the fact that it’s so flexible.  If you have a degree in sales then you can sell pretty much anything: from cars, to manufacturing machinery, to sweaters.  This means that you can live, and work, pretty much anywhere you choose.  And that’s always a good thing.

Another great thing about getting a sales associate degree is that it gives you the chance to make a pretty great income, but it all depends on what you’re selling.

For example, if you’re in a retail environment selling things like clothing or shoes you’re not going to make that much, probably $10 an hour.  And really, for retail sales you don’t need a degree anyway.  But, if you get into the manufacturing, wholesale, tech, medical, or scientific sector you can make a really great living, especially if you’re good at what you do.  In these industries, you can count on $50,000 upwards to six figures.  But it all depends on your skills as a salesperson.

Your job as a sales associate will be to make sure that you communicate the benefits of your company’s products, not just the features.

For example, the new Widget AXI that you’re selling is streamlined, lightweight, and comes in a new snazzy black color.  These are features.  Features are facts.

Benefits, however, tell your customers “what’s in it for them”.  A good salesperson will tell their customer that the Widget AXI is streamlined to cut down on wind resistance (which saves them money in energy costs), lightweight (again to save money on energy costs), and black (because that color soaks up the sun’s heat, which is then turned into power, which then saves them money in operating costs).

See the difference between features and benefits?  With a sales associate degree, you’ll learn how to immediately tell the difference between features and benefits.  That knowledge will help you earn more money selling products.

With a sales associate degree you’ll be learning things like:

Skilled sales reps are in extremely high demand right now.  Because companies compete so heavily for market share, they’re always looking for skilled professional to help sell their products.  Sales jobs are expected to grow at least as fast as the national average.

So, if you enjoy talking with people and think you’d love a career networking and closing deals, then getting a sales associate degree might be the perfect path for you.