How to Get an Online Associate’s Degree in General Studies

Choosing and committing to a major in college can be tough. Feeling lost? You’re not alone. With so many options these days, deciding on just one subject can be extremely overwhelming. If you are one of those people who are having a hard time choosing, you might benefit greatly by pursuing an associate’s degree in general studies first.

The associate’s degree in general studies allow students the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics. Some examples include:

  • History
  • Composition
  • Literature
  • Biology
  • Math

By taking these fundamental courses, you will figure out which area you would like to pursue as a major at a four-year college to ultimately earn your bachelor’s degree in your desired field. It will also help you develop necessary skills to succeed at a higher level of education. Such skills include computer skills, writing skills, and math skills.

An associate’s degree in general studies typically takes two years of full-time study to complete. However, if you choose to earn your credential online, you may be able to complete it earlier. Depending on how many classes you can take per quarter/semester, you may be able to finish a lot quicker.

Pursuing an associate’s degree in general studies online is a great choice for students who have busy schedules and need the flexibility for school. It gives students the chance to learn while attending to their personal obligations. If you are a motivated and independent learner, distance learning can work very well for you. It is essential to make sure that the college you choose is accredited so that the credits you earn can be easily transferred to a four-year college should you decide to continue your education. By virtually attending classes online, you will have access to all course materials and participate in class discussions just like you would normally in a traditional classroom setting. The main difference is that you would be doing all of this on your own time and interacting with your professors and peers via email or a designated classroom platform.

Common Associate’s in General Studies Curriculum

By selecting the general studies associate’s degree program, you will be able to explore different subjects and get a broad understanding of many different areas of studies. From here, you can narrow down your options and see which subject(s) best interests you. Some subjects you will be learning about include but are not limited to the following:

  • Math
  • History
  • English
  • Public Speaking
  • Psychology
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Health & Wellness

In addition to these classes, students may be required to take other general education requirements to fulfill the unit requirements needed for graduation.

Associate’s in General Studies Careers

A general studies associate’s degree is not designed for students to simply stop learning after completion. Why? Simply put, there just is not a whole lot you can do with it in the working world aside from proving to potential employers that you can get a degree and learn at a college level. Unfortunately, to be competitive in any career nowadays, it is critical to have much more than just these essential skills. With that said, if you are looking to only attend college for two years before getting a job, then getting this degree may not be the best choice for you. Essentially, this degree exists to strengthen students’ learning skills and expose them to different subjects, which will enable them to decide what they might like and want to do as a career.

Earning this degree will give you a broad understanding of all the different areas of study, allowing you to make an informed decision on what you want to study next after two years. For example, you might go into college not having the slightest clue what you want to study or do after graduation. By getting an associate’s degree in general studies, you will take a variety of courses all across the board in terms of subject, and might find that the arts really interest you. From there, you can explore all the different areas of study related to art and the possible career choices you will have after you graduate. Once you have a better idea, you can attend a four-year college to finish off the last two years studying art history or whatever you are most passionate about within the arts. The general studies degree not only buys you time for deciding on what you want to do, but also helps you get to know yourself, your interests, and your strengths better.

Many students that pursue an associate’s degree in general studies go on to get a bachelor’s degree in education. The reason for this is because by the time they get their degree, they will have already gotten a thorough understanding of the subjects they will be teaching their students, and a general studies degree satisfies many general education requirements of four-year colleges.

Because general studies is so diverse, students end up taking on jobs all across the board when it comes to job fields. Those who start by getting a general studies associate’s degree may eventually find themselves doing administrative work, becoming a copywriter, working as a software consultant, managing employees, and so much more. The options are endless, but it is all about finding what you are passionate about first. The rest will come.

Looking to broaden your horizons and learn about many different things? It’s time to consider this fun degree and go from there!