If you’re searching for an associate degree that will allow you to work closely with animals, then you definitely want to think about getting a veterinary technician associate degree.

Why Get A Veterinary Technician Associate Degree?

Veterinary technicians have a very demanding, but rewarding job. They assist vets in a clinical practice by taking the animal’s health history, taking blood, administering medications, assisting in surgery, performing lab tests such as urinalysis and blood counts, and taking x-rays.

There are several reasons why this can be a demanding job. One of the biggest is because as a veterinary technician, you’re on your feet all day. You might have to control large dogs, cows, or horses, and help lift them if they’re unable to walk.

This is also an emotionally demanding job, especially if an animal comes in who’s obviously been mistreated or abused. It can be heart wrenching to euthanize an animal, and if you work for an animal shelter you may have to do this often.

But, this is also an incredibly rewarding and emotionally satisfying career. You’re helping animals live healthy lives. You get daily contact with them, and if you love being around animals this is more than worth the challenges you’ll face now and again.

What You’ll Learn In A Veterinary Technician Associate Degree Program

Getting a veterinary technician associate degree means that you’ll be taking classes that are heavy in math, science, and lab work. Because you’ll be working directly with animals, you’ll receive hands-on instruction on how to do things like safely control an animal, take blood, administer stitches, and other routine tasks.

Some of the classes you might take to get a veterinary technician associate degree include:

  • Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Reproduction, Genetics, and Aging
  • Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Office Management
  • Medical Math
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Medical Terminology

Now, you might be wondering how, exactly, you’d learn how to do things like draw blood or administer stitches if you’re getting your veterinary technician associate degree online, right?

Well, almost all veterinary technician online degree programs require students to form a relationship with their local veterinarian. If he or she agrees, the students will intern under the local vet for this degree. This means that in addition to taking classes, you’ll also be pulling shifts at their clinic, learning the hands-on portion of being a vet tech.

This vet will also act as proctor for the exams. All tests will be sent directly to the local veterinarian, who will oversee you while you take them, and then send them back to the school once you’re done.

Careers With A Veterinary Technician Associate Degree

If you’re looking for job security, then getting your veterinary technician associate degree is a great way to get it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this field will grow by a whopping 41% over the next ten years, which is higher than almost any other industry.

The reason is because most people consider their dogs and cats (and other animals) to be part of their family. They’re spending more time and money to keep their animals healthy, resulting in a booming animal care industry.

Salaries for veterinary technicians range from $25,000 to $35,000. If you decide to get your Bachelor’s Degree in veterinary technology, you can expect far more responsibilities, and also a much higher salary.