If you’re looking for an associate’s degree that will allow you to pursue your interests in the trucking and shipping industries, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting a associate’s degree in transportation business.

Why Get A Transportation Business Associate Degree?

Do you have dreams of being a long-haul trucker? Do you envision your perfect career as one where you have the freedom of the open road, or weeks out on the ocean crossing the stormy seas?

Or, would you rather be the owner of a transportation business? Would you rather manage a team of professionals, helping them ship products all over the world?

Whatever your dream is, if it has to do with transportation then you’ll learn about it with a transportation business associate degree. This degree prepares you for a career working in, or managing, the transportation industry.

When you stop and think about it, the transportation industry is incredibly complex. The logistics of managing a fleet of trucks, all with separate destinations and drop off times, takes intelligence and organization to pull off successfully.  Getting a degree in the transportation business will teach you how to manage situations like this.

What You’ll Learn In A Transportation Business Associate Degree Program

Working in the transportation industry means that you have to be highly organized. And, you need to know how to handle shipping people, goods, and raw products through the air, on the highways, by railroad, or by ship.

Some of the classes you might expect to take in this degree program include:

  • Introduction to Secure Logistics
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • Importing and Exporting Law
  • International Logistics
  • Business Math
  • Business Law
  • Personnel Management

Careers In the Transportation Business

With an associate degree in transport business you have severa. different career options available to you.

Many graduates go on to work as transportation specialist. Transportation specialists work in many different industries. Some work in local, state, and federal governments advising lawmakers and helping craft new policies.  Others work for large corporations or warehouses helping with logistitics.

Transportations specialists earn a wide range of salaries, but most fall between $33,000 and $44,000.

Another popular career is that of a distribution manager. Distribution managers help coordinate and organize shipping of products and raw goods around the country. As a distribution manager you’d most likely work for a manufacturing plant or large company, and you’d earn between $68,000 and $92,000 per year.

But, keep in mind that this position is usually only given to those who have experience in the field. You might have to start at a lower position and work your way up to distribution manager. But, a transportation business associate degree can definitely help you here!

If you’re feeling the entrepreneurial spirit you can also use this degree to start your own transportation business.  This would enable you to earn an unlimited amount of money, especially if your business grows international, but it’s also a lot of very hard work.

Whatever you decide to do, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the transportation industry is expected to grow slightly faster than the national average, thanks to globalization and increased travel between countries.