If you’ve always had a secret ambition to live a life like, say, The Green Lantern, or if you’ve always idealized Superwoman and thought that having her job might be pretty cool, then you might want to look into getting a private security associate degree.

Why Get A Private Security Associate Degree?

Ok, so getting an associate degree in private security isn’t going to turn you into the Green Lantern.  And, even if you graduate with a 4.0 you won’t get to wear a snazzy outfit like Superwoman does.

But, a private security associate degree is going to teach you how to protect people.  You’ll get to learn how to analyze information to look for criminals, and how to look after your client’s best interests.

It’s definitely an exciting career choice!

Now, you probably already know that almost anyone who is over 18 and doesn’t have a criminal record can get a security job.  So why spend the time to get a private security associate degree?

Well, if you take the first step towards getting your private security degree, you’ll be able to get your foot in the door of many organizations who wouldn’t look twice at you otherwise.  With an associate degree, you’re qualified to work as a manager or supervisor instead of just a guard.

More importantly, if you keep going with your education to get your Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in private security, then you’ll be in a position to take advantage of some really great opportunities.  And, you’ll earn a lot more money.

What You’ll Learn In A Private Security Associate Degree Program

Getting an associate degree in private security is going to allow you to take some really cool classes.  You’ll get to take courses such as:

  • Emergency Response
  • Crisis Management
  • Communications and Technology Security
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Public Health Safety
  • Terrorism Risk Safety and Response

Not all schools will offer a private security associate degree.  Many offer criminal justice associate degrees with a concentration in private security, so keep this in mind as you’re searching for potential schools.

Careers With A Private Security Associate Degree

The great news about getting your associate degree in private security is that you can work for almost anyone. And, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a job; private security is one of the fastest growing sectors out there.  The Department of Labor estimates that this field will grow by at least 17% through 2016.

Private security specialists work for celebrities and other high-profile families, private companies, public service companies (like hotels and resorts), laboratories, state and local governments, and international organizations.

Now, how much you earn in private security depends on a few factors: your qualifications, your part of the country, and who you’re working for.

This is where it really pays to keep going with your education.  Security guards earn, on average, $10 per hour.  Managers don’t do much better.  But if you get your Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a specialization in private security, you can expect to earn at least $55,000 per year.  And probably much more than that, depending on who you work for.

So, this is definitely a fun and fascinating degree to get, but it will definitely pay off to keep going with your education in this field!