When many people are figuring out what they’d like to go to school for, industrial technology is a field that is sometimes overlooked.  With an industrial technology associate degree, you’ll have the opportunity to work as a manager or foreman in the manufacturing field.

Many students who go to school for this degree are already working in manufacturing and are looking to advance their career through education and stay competitive.  Others love the idea of working in a huge manufacturing plant and are interested in the opportunities that an industrial technology associate degree would open up.

Going to school for this degree will allow you to have a complete background in math and science, as well as learn things like industrial and labor management, psychology, machine safety, and labor laws.  And, depending on which school you choose, you might also get plenty of hands-on experience with motors, electrical systems, and troubleshooting equipment.

With an industrial technology associate degree you’ll be well placed to get an entry-level management position in a manufacturing company.  Your job can encompass many things including team leadership, machine troubleshooting, analyzing production rates to ensure things are running as efficiently as possible, and instituting new processes when changes need to be made.

Basically, with an associate degree in industrial technology degree you’re there to help make the company run as smoothly as possible and to make sure your team is working safely and efficiently.

Now, should you continue on to get your Industrial Technology Bachelor’s Degree the opportunities you’ll have will open up significantly.  This is definitely a field where it pays to further your education.

With a Bachelor’s Degree you could get into research and design, engineering new products or finding ways to make other products and machines work better than they do now.  You’ll be able to use your engineering and mathematical skills to help companies solve major problems, and you can earn a pretty decent living doing this.  The average salary for an industrial technology engineer is $50,000 and up.

It’s also important to realize that many upper-level managers and CEO’s started out as Industrial Technology engineers.  This means that if you pursue your Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology you could begin working your way up to a serious income a few years down the road.

Where could you work?  Well, how about Ford or GM?  How about Apple Computers, IBM, Boeing, Texas Instruments, Caterpillar, or Kellogg’s Cereal?  There are literally thousands of different, interesting companies you could work for in this industry, and chances are pretty high that you wouldn’t be sitting behind a desk all day.  For many people, this is a huge perk, and it’s why they begin by getting their associate degree in industrial technology.