If you like the idea of getting an associate’s degree that will put you on the path to a well paid, challenging career, then you might want to consider getting an associate’s degree in acquisitions.

Why Get An Associate’s Degree in Acquisitions?

Acquisitions is a business field that focuses on the buying and selling of a company’s goods and services to other companies and agencies. It also covers the complex area of corporate mergers.

Acquisition managers are in charge to setting up contracts for things like large scale IT projects, big construction investments, or corporate mergers. Think of the acquisitions field, which is also called contract management, as the “middlemen.”  Acquisition professionals are skilled negotiators that work to procure goods ad services that will help their company do business and continue growing.

If you worked in this field you’d be the one hammering out the details to make sure the contract fit into your company’s best interests.

If you’re not that interested in business then this might sound a trifle boring.  After all, seems like you’d mostly be filling out paperwork and making phone calls, right?

Well, you do spend a good deal of time in an office. But, you get paid very, very well to do it, and this is why so many people are interested in getting into acquisitions.

What You’ll Learn In A Contract Management Associate Degree Program

When you enroll to get your associate’s degree in contract management you’ll learn important skills like how to negotiate, how to be a good communicator, and how to write up complicated business contracts.

Some of the courses you might see when getting your acquisitions associate degree might include:

  • Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Principals of Federal Acquisition
  • Economics
  • Service Contracting
  • Cost and Price Analysis
  • Business Law

If you’d like to impress your future employers, you’d also do well to take additional courses in business ethics, public speaking, and a foreign language.

Careers in Acquisitions and Contract Management

It’s important to realize that, due to the complex nature of this field, getting an associate degree in acquisitions will probably just be enough to get your foot in the door, if that.  If you like the field, it’s strongly advised that you continue with your education and get bachelor’s degree in Acquisitions.

It’s definitely worth the investment to stay in school. Why? Because you can earn a great living in this field.

Salary.com estimates that acquisition managers earn, on average, $132,000 to $196,000 annually. And, earnings can go much higher than that.  Some headhunting sites list positions for acquisitions and contract managers with salaries topping $287,000.

But, you’re only going to earn salaries like this if you keep going with your education. Most experts agree that staying in school long enough to get your mba in acquisitions is the best way to earn top dollars in this field.

Another great thing about getting an acquisitions degree is that you can work in almost any industry. Every business needs contract managers, which gives you a great deal of flexibility in where you work.

Many acquisitions managers also work internationally, so if you think you’d like to work overseas then you’d do well to learn a foreign language.  French, German, and Japanese would all be good choices to consider.