When many working adults are pondering whether or not to go back to school to get their associate degree, a lot of times the thing holding them back is the lack of time.  Between juggling a career and family life, there’s often not a lot of time left over for school.

Thomas Edison State College is one of the country’s oldest schools for working adults.  They know the unique challenges that this group faces, and they’ve created a program that is highly flexible and designed to get you in and out quickly.  You can’t put your life on hold to go back to school, and at Thomas Edison, you don’t have to.

Thomas Edison State College has made it easy to go to school here.  One way they’ve eased the transition process is through their credit transfers.  They’ll take up to 60 transfer credits for an associate degree, and 120 credit transfers for a Bachelor’s degree.

In addition to a generous transfer policy, they will also allow you to test out of classes through their Prior Learning Assessments.  This means that if you’ve learned skills on your own either through your job, career workshops, or self-study, you might be able to get credit for this knowledge.  If so, those are fewer classes that you have to take.

At Thomas Edison State College, you don’t have to worry about getting a substandard education.  The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  The College’s nursing program is also accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

This is also a school where you have plenty of choices.  Thomas Edison State College offers more than 100 degrees ranging from associate to graduate study.  And don’t think this is a school that offers tons of degrees to their campus students and a small fraction of that number to their online students.  There are literally dozens of online degrees to choose from, many which are not your “run of the mill” online degrees.

Now, if you’re looking for some quick skills to improve your career prospects or get a promotion, then you might want to look at Thomas Edison’s Professional Certification Program.  They offer certificates in specific areas of study like Paralegal Studies, Linux Certification, Nutrition, SmartDraw Legal, Fitness Management, SHRM Learning Systems, and much, much more.

Thomas Edison State College has been helping adult students go back to school for more than thirty years.  And, they make it easy to get going.  Once you’re enrolled you’ll get your own advisor that will help you decide how many classes your schedule can handle, and which classes you should start with.

Going back to school, especially if you’ve been gone a while, might seem like an overwhelming process.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Thomas Edison State College has been working with adult students longer than most universities, and their program is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind.  After all, school is important, but so is your life, right?  Isn’t it time to get going?