There’s no doubt that distance learning is exciting and getting your associate’s degree online is no exception. The concept of going to class on your own schedule is very appealing for many people. But, how do you go about really setting up your home for distance learning?

When you start setting up your home for distance learning your first step is going to be to pick a spot for your “class.” It should be a place that’s out of the way from the hustle and bustle. For instance, if you have children, the kitchen or living room would not be a good spot! Usually a guest room, basement, or even your own bedroom will suffice.

Remember to check the lighting. Do you feel more comfortable in a place that’s full of natural light, or do you like it dimmer? The more comfortable your area is, the more you’ll want to be there. If you choose a dank closet with a cramped little desk and no light, then going to class is going to be that much more tedious.

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that you’re “always” going to have class at this one place. It just means that this is going to be your base camp. You’ll keep your books, your computer, your notes, and anything else you need for class at this spot. This will help prevent you from losing your work around the house!

Next you need to examine your desk and chair. Spending a lot of money on a massive desk is unnecessary; after all, a folding table will work just as well. If you’re going to invest money in anything, invest in a good chair to sit in. Sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair is not only painful and distracting, but it’s also bad for your body and posture. Having a better quality chair to sit in while you learn will make all the difference.

You might also want to think about making a sign that will give a visible reminder to your family that you’re working. Many students, when setting up their home for distance learning, will make a sign that says “IN CLASS”, which they hang on the door when they do their schoolwork.

If you’re going to be more mobile when it comes to your classroom (studying at work, the library, or even your child’s soccer practice) then it’s helpful to have a computer bag to keep all your schoolwork stuff together. Your notebooks, textbooks, pens, and laptop all stay in one bag, which will ensure you don’t leave something important behind when you leave the house.

Setting up your home for distance learning doesn’t require a lot of money or time, but it is important that you put a little effort into setting up a quiet, private place to work. You’ll definitely be more successful if you have a comfortable place to go to class!