If you’re an active member in your Christian church and you’re researching different associate degree programs, then you might want to consider getting a Christian ministry associate degree.

What Is A Christian Ministry Associate’s Degree?

A Christian ministry associate degree is going to prepare you to work within the framework of the Christian church both nationally and abroad.

This degree program will teach you the basics that everyone needs to succeed in any field, such as how to communicate effective, how to speak in public, how to write, etc.

The second half of your education, however, will focus heavily on Christian principals such as Bible study and how to spread the Christian faith.  This is a degree for someone who is passionately involved in their Christian community, and wants to make it their life’s work.

Christian Ministry Associate Degree Programs: What You’ll Learn

Students will find this degree to be a fascinating in-depth look a career as a minister. You’ll have the opportunity to study the essential doctrines of both the Old and New Testaments, and look into the historical, scientific, and philosophical issues that the Bible brings up.

An associate’s degree in Christian Ministry is also going to prepare you to spread the Christian faith. This means you’ll spend a great deal of time learning how to communicate both verbally, and in writing.

You’ll probably take classes on debate and public speaking, but you’ll also learn how to overcome apprehension, how to communicate with diverse people and cultures, and how to make your case to people who are less open to your message.

Because communication is so important in this degree you definitely need to be comfortable speaking to others in a wide-variety of settings, some which might not be friendly or welcoming.  But, these techniques are what you’ll be learning in this associate degree program!

Careers With an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry

There are several rewarding careers open to you with a Christian ministry associate degree.  You could consider working as a:

  • Director for Urban Evangelism
  • Urban Church Planner
  • Inner-City Pastor
  • Rural Pastor
  • Inner-City Missionary Leader
  • Youth Pastor

It’s very difficult to say how much you can earn with an associate degree in Christian ministry. As you can probably guess, people don’t go into Christian ministry because they’re looking to make a lot of money.

Your salary is going to depend largely on what you’re doing, as well as what part of the country you’re working in. Rural areas and churches pay much less than larger one.  Some places pay nothing at all.

If you decide to minister internationally, you might earn a small stipend, but get your travel expenses, food, and lodging paid for. This is a great way to work in a field that you love, live a simple life, and see the world.

Most people in this field report a high degree of job satisfaction. They may not be rich, but they’re doing work that emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. And in today’s world, that’s pretty hard to come by.