So, you’re wondering if it’s worth the money to go back to school and get your associate degree, right? You’re scouring the Internet, looking for the best associate degrees and getting more confused by the minute. Which is better, an accounting degree or a banking degree? Can you actually make money with an associate’s degree in liberal arts?

Well, put your mind at ease. We’ll give you the rundown on which associate degrees are the best so you can make the right decision.

First, let’s start with the best news. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the money to go back to school to get an associate degree, the answer is a hearty “YES!” Take a look at these numbers: high school graduates earn, on average, around $583 per week, according to Current Population Survey data. Those with an associate degree earn roughly 15% more, or $670. And that’s just the averages. With an associate degree, you could be earning much, much more than this.

So, you now know that the investment you’ll make in yourself will pay off. But which are the best associate degrees to get?

Well, you can’t go wrong with the computer industry. A computer specialist with an associate’s degree typically earns around $59,480. And no, that’s not a typo. As a computer specialist, you’ll be doing anything from providing tech support to creating networks for businesses. If you’re into tech, then you’d be crazy not to get an associate degree in the computer industry.

If you prefer the world of protons and electrons then you should know that nuclear technicians make, on average, $59,200. In this field you’d get to work with naval fleets and nuclear submarines, helping maintain a safe environment for the crew. Sounds like a pretty exciting day job, right? And it only requires an associate degree to do it.

Third down the list are dental hygienists. In this field, you’ll be making around $58, 350, but this degree is not for the faint of heart. Getting in is the tough part, because they don’t take everyone. You’ll need a high GPA, as well as a passion for teeth, and once you’re in you’ll have to work hard to finish. The dental field is one of the fastest growing, however, so if you can stick it out you’ll be well placed for a lucrative, fun career.

The last career in our short list is a radiation therapist. In this field you can expect to earn around $57, 700. You’ll be working in hospitals, administering radiation therapy to people who are afflicted with cancer and other diseases. This can be an incredibly rewarding field to get into, and again, you only have to have an associate degree to do it.

So, there you have it! We’ve listed four degree choices where you can expect to earn a very comfortable living, making much more than $583 per week. Need more nudging? Well, stop and look at how much you’re making right now, and then picture how much you could be making 18-24 months from now if you just put in the effort to get an associate degree. Your life could be dramatically different, but it’s all up to you.