Do you know what your learning style is?

Knowing how you learn and what your individual learning style is can be very beneficial to you as an online learner. There are three basic learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Most online education, classes, and learning favors the visual learning style, but many instructors and classes are creative in using the other two types of learning styles to engage you as a learner.

Here is a great website that helps you identify your own learning style:

Here is a definition of the three different types of learning styles and some of the ways I incorporate them into my online classes to increase online student learning and success. You will find your online instructors to do similar things in your online classes to help you learn as well.

a) Auditory Learning Style– Learn by hearing and listening. These types of learners would be most successful in attending lectures. I often use written lectures, lecture transcripts, and audio podcasts to meet the needs of these learners. Also, live chats and live WebEx Meetings can be used to meet the needs of these learners.

b) Visual Learning Style– Learn by viewing pictures, images, and graphics. These types of learners would be most successful by watching interactive videos. In some of my online courses I present both live and recorded lectures. I also refer to and post many YouTube videos, Web sites, diagrams, PowerPoint Presentations, pictures, and images directly relating to the course objectives. eBooks can also help visual learners.

c) Kinesthetic Learning Style– Learn by moving and doing. These types of learners would be most successful conducting lab experiments. I mostly use simulations and interactive activities to meet the needs of these learners. I also require my students to interview leaders in their community for certain course projects which meets the needs of these learners. I have also used case studies, group/team work, role playing, live debates, and group presentations. I am sure more virtual reality and hologram technology will only add to this learning style in the future.

And finally, the key here with learning style is to make sure you are familiar with all three types in your online classes. This will assure you are using your overall critical thinking skills and learning how to solve real world problems.

Has your learning style changed over time? How will you use your learning style in your online classes? Please let me know via Twitter @onlinefac

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